Macpherson Miscellany

      Welcome to a rich source of historical information related to the Clan Macpherson and its modern manifestation -- the Clan Macpherson Association (CMA). This website offers three major sources for this information --

  • Back Issues of the CMA Annual publication, Creag Dhubh.
          As of 2006, 58 issues of this Annual have been published each replete with historical articles related to the clan as well as the activities of the Associaton over its half-century of existence. Thus far only a few issues have been converted to machine-readable form but more are being added all the time. To gain access to the Creag Dhubh menu CLICK HERE.
  • Glimpses of Church and Social Life in the Highlands in Olden Times by Alexander Macpherson.
          This treaure chest of Macpherson lore was first published in 1893. In the 1970s, the Canadian Branch of CMA republished Part 1 of 8 Parts of this gem. In 2002, the other seven parts plus its twenty appendices and index were converted for on-line viewing here. To access the Glimpses menu CLICK HERE.
  • Opinions of Other Authors
          There are a number of other sources of material relating to the Clan Macpherson. To access a menu of these CLICK HERE.
  • Letters to the Editor
          Letters from people with relevant comments on the material republished on this site are most welcome. With the permission of the correspondent, their comments will be posted in this section. When the comments warrant amending the original material, these comments will be post adjacent to the original material and so indicated. To view the letters received to date CLICK HERE.
    NOTE -- I've made a major effort to republish the materials described above without typographical errors. Should you find any, please don't hesitate to bring them to my attention. Furthermore, I encourage your comments regarding the presented material and welcome suggestions for still other views on the subject. Please direct your questions to
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