The Welcome Kiosk shown above is a major new feature of the Museum -- a three-sided free-standing structure that bears a greeting for visitors as they enter the Museum whether from the parking lot on the north side of the building or through the south-east door. The message is the same on each face and consists of a floor plan of the Museum with an indication of the contents of each section in broad terms. In addition it provides suggestions on how to view the exhibits including the introductory film in the theatre and the panel numbering scheme. It also calls attention to the Macpherson Heraldry section and special exhibits in the Drumochter Room as well as the Exhibits Guide, a floor plan of the Museum that the visitor may obtain at Panel 1 and carry with them as as a guide for viewing the subsequent exhibit panels. For a closer view of this panel Click here

      In the photograph above one can see Panel 1 at the right. That's a good place to start your visit. But before you do, look around and notice the other changes that have been made.

The Theatre section is shown in the photo below. Shelagh Macpherson-Noble and her committee have produced an excellent new video that introduces visitors to the Museum, the Clan and the Badenoch area.

      The expanded Memorabilia Section is adjacent to the Theatre as shown in the photo below.

      The Museum office area has also been rearranged to provide more efficient operation. Note that the Dìonadairean Plaque is now is now located in the Drumochter Room at Panel 102 where it is much more accessible.




      Other important improvements have been made in the Helen MacPherson Thompson Library. Here we see Jean and Gordon Duffy at work cataloguing the extensive collection of books located in the Library. Note the computer that was donated to aid in accomplishing this project.



      Incidently, Jeremy, the 'watch cat' that used to guard the library, now looks after the theatre.



      Those who had visited the Museum before 2005 will note that the display panels are now painted pastel shades instead of the previous brownish color. They will also note the consistent font style of the printed text that are found on the various panels. Most of all is the handsome appearance of the floor coverings which led to the overall improvement of the total Museum which will be evident as one inspects the subsequent panels of the Macpherson Electronic Museum.

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