Macpherson-related Papers of Prof. Alan G. Macpherson

      Dr Alan G. Macpherson, Professor Emeritus of the Memorial University of Newfoundland, St John's, Newfoundland, Canada is also the seanachaidh (clan historian) of the Clan Macpherson. Over his long and distinguished career he has published many learned papers and books on various aspects of the Clan Macpherson. Some of these have appeared in Creag Dhubh, the Clan Macpherson Association Annual and are available elsewhere on this website. Through his kind permission we are now able to republish several other papers that have appeared in other journals over the years.

      In copying these papers for display on this site we have corrected all errata that have been identified by the author. In addition we have preserved the pagination of the original paper using the following convention.

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An Old Highland Genealogy and the Evolution of a Scottish Clan    An Old Highland Parish Register --
Part I
    An Old Highland Parish Register -- Part II    Migration Fields in a Traditional Highland Community   
Historians of the Macphersons
(Part 1)
    Historians of the Macphersons
(Part 2) The Seanchaidhean
    Historians of the Macphersons
(Part 3)
Sir Aeneas Macpherson (I)
    Historians of the Macphersons
(Part 4)
Sir Aeneas Macpherson (II)
"The Master's Mother"
MaryMacpherson, Mrs William MacPhail
    Murder Among the Clanchattan: A Century of Assassinations and Revenge Killings    'On the Death of Marshall Keith'
and the Clan Consciousness of James Macpherson
    Daniel Macpherson, Highland emigrant,
Loyalist soldier, Gaspesian merchant-settler
and Canadian seigneur
Interchangeable Surnames and Personal Names
In Scottish Highland Registers
and Problems of Identification
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