This page is a gateway to the

Macpherson Electronic Museum (MEM)

a virtual representation of the physical Clan Macpherson Museum located in Newtonmore, Scotland

      This page is also the gateway to a several publications relating to Clan Macpherson that are not readily available:--

                      Glimpses of Church and Social Life in the Highlands in Olden Times by Alexander Macpherson

                      Creag Dhubh, the Annual of the Clan Macpherson Association Nos 1-56 (1949--2004)

                      A Collection of Papers by Alan G. Macpherson, Seanachaidh of Clan Macpherson

                      A Collection of Relevant Papers by Other Authors

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The armorial bearings shown at the top lefthand side Frozen games I like are those of the Clan Macpherson Association. The Macpherson clansman's badge is shown 2x Friv at the right.

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